New Cotton Gin Machinery

T & B Gin Supply’s main business continues to be rooted in its lines of new cotton gin machinery sales, design, layout and installation.

Performance and dependability matters the most to your profitability and our design team offers your ginnery the latest in cotton gin equipment technology. We have the best, state of the art ginning systems for your ginnery.

Our cotton gin machinery has been designed to preserve cotton’s valuable fiber properties through the ginning process. The different variables you encounter in gin production (cotton varieties, harvesting methods, ginning season length, seasonal output, etc.) enforces your need for a company like ours with extensive industry expertise – a company that knows and understands the details of cotton gin design, layout and installation.

Our professional expertise in design and layout ensures a seamless process flow for your gin plant. Production systems include uploading, drying and pre-cleaning, distribution and overflow, feeding and ginning, lint cleaning, condensing and moisture restoration, and pressing and bale handling.

The ginning system we design for you offers improved fiber qualities, efficient energy usage and increased throughput production saving you production time and reducing energy and labor expense.

T & B Gin Supply, LLC is a full-service cotton ginnery supply and installation firm and we ensure our clients receive full customer support. We can also help you with upgrades to existing cotton ginneries and gin equipment design.

T & B Gin Supply, LLC has over 140 years combined experience in the cotton gin industry and our professional field engineers are equipped to assist you with gin equipment maintenance, new cotton gin machinery sales, installation, upgrades, design and construction of all types of cotton gin machinery.

Our professional gin engineers can help your company increase efficiency while minimizing your downtime and we will make sure your cotton gin is operating at optimum performance.

We offer our sales, service, delivery and installation for new cotton gin machinery in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Contact us by email or call us at (229) 566-0100 for all of your cotton ginning needs.

We look forward to serving you.

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T B Gin Supply, LLC
285 Hatfield Blvd
Ashburn, GA 31714
229-566-0010 (Office)
601-946-0523 (Cell)
229-567-1111 (Cell)


*Contact TB Gin Supply, LLC and allow us the opportunity to meet your cotton gin equipment & cotton gin machinery needs. We offer worldwide sales & service.

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